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Access proven management and technology research anytime.

Get one-on-one guidance from Gartner experts on your most critical priorities.

Gain confidence in your decisions using our proprietary tools.

Connect directly with peers to discuss common issues and initiatives.

Onsite Support

On-site computer and network support.
2 Hour emergency call-out service.
Servers, workstations, notebooks, PDAs, mobile devices.
Remote access support.
Troubleshooting for Internet, network,
firewall, routers, wireless.
Troubleshooting for email, software, and any other IT issue.

IT infrastructure solutions.

IT consulting and infrastructure solutions. Security consultation.

Network design & installation.

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How We Work

Establish contact

Meet with client and discuss time, scope and cost and the balance of these three constraints making trade offs between them. For example, you can increase the number of activities in your project scope, but this means there will be less time and costs will be higher for each project task, reducing profitability..

Requirement Analysis

The process involves analyzing, documenting, validating and managing system or software requirements. Requirements analysis involves various tasks that help us understand stakeholder demands and explain them in simple and visual ways. It is essential to a software or system project's success.

Pricing & Contracting

There are many costs associated with a project. Project managers are responsible for estimating, budgeting and controlling costs by using project accounting methods and cost tracking tools so the project can be completed within the approved budget

Project Initiation

A kickoff meeting puts everyone on the same page. The team and client know the mission statement, the vision statement and the project plan. It’s all part of the meeting agenda and makes sure the project team starts off on the right foot.

Project Steady State

Reporting is also a critical part of this project management phase. First, it allows project managers to track progress, and second, it provides data for stakeholders during presentations to keep them in the loop. There are many project management reports such as project status, timesheets, workload, allocation and expense reports.

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